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I think it is high time we included this recruitment section. Because I finally got fed up with repeating the same thing over and over. (Took me this long to be sick of it after our forums closed down, this page used to be there.)

Currently looking for:

Ijinkan: All positions
Vampire Library: English Proofreaders, SFX letterer
Tales of the Kingdom: Cleaners, Translator
Majo to Yaju: All positions

Note: We now have a discord server; invite code: VEEFvAb. For those who want to apply for any position of Ijinkan, Majo to Yajuu and Tales of the Kingdom, you can have an interview on Discord if you do not want to install Line; highlight Tranquil Melancholy or any Gaoler.

After reading about each position, if you are still interested and feel that you are committed, please send your email here.

Please start with the workflow chart, you will find all the positions that exist in our group--the image is quite old and I am too lazy to update it, but SFX TS is actually SFX LT (letterer), you don't type SFX here, you have to draw them.
Flow Chart Simplified

Before I start describing what each position does, let me tell you this: We have moved our HQ from IRC to Line. So you must be able to use Line to be able to work with us. Please do not ask me "Can I use e-mails at the main communication method?" The answer is no. Please understand that I currently have over 20 members in my group working on different projects, so you must be responsible to us, I have neither the time nor the will to relay to each and every member repetitive information. To be able to use Line, you need to register an account on your smartphone first. If you do not own a smartphone you can simply register using Bluestacks. Afterwards, if you wish, you can use Line mainly on your PC by installing its application.

What each position entails:

  1. Translator*: You should be confident in your command of both the language you will translate (Korean/Japanese) and English. We do not (and never will) translate from anything besides the original language, i.e. please do not ask me if you could translate from Chinese. That is just plain absurd. There will be a test related to the series you apply. In addition there will be four extra tests to evaluate your fluency in different contexts.
  2. Context Proofreader*: You must be very fluent in both English and the original language (Japanese/Korean). Your task is to check the accuracy of the translation and nuances. It's important that you understand the implications and nuances (Including the character tones) in the original language and make sure they are transferred to the translation, no more, no less. There will be a test related to the series you apply.
  3. English Proofreader*: This is not just about checking misspellings and grammar, you have to check the flow of the dialogues (they have to connect naturally), the appropriate level of characters' speech, the linguistic beauty of the dialogues/narration. You must be skilled enough to write good edits according to the situations. There will be a test related to the series you apply.
  4. Final Script Quality-Checker*: You must be adept in all areas to judge whether the script is good enough for a typesetter to use.

    * These positions are very difficult.
    I had from 30 to 50 applicants every time we recruited English proofreaders for any project at all. And each time the result was either they all failed, or just one barely passed. People often underestimate these positions--and they wasted my/other judges' time having to check their horrible edits--we are doing this for free, so imagine the amount of time we spent reading through inadequate edits just to end up not taking anyone. It is NOT about 'checking for grammatical errors'. We have had applicants who were English teachers, professional editors, PhD students in literature and so forth. However, your occupation means nothing to me, you still have to pass the test to join. From our past stat, usually professional editors, proofreaders who have worked in many other groups before, good writers, and very excellent English literature students often passed. I also need people with commitment, if you cannot even fulfil this, please do not apply.
    With any translating positions: please do not apply if you do not have a good command of both the original language (Korean/Japanese) and English.
    PR1: if you don't have a good command in both languages, you can forget about it. In addition, for both PR1 and Final script QC: you need to have decent knowledge of the culture of the original language or at least be willing to work hard to improve your knowledge.

  5. Raw Processing: You must be able to turn any kind of raw into a decent pre-cleaned pages: i.e. solid black, white, no ink bleed, no uneven screentones. There will be a test.

    Dialogue-typeset-, SFX-lettering-, and clean-page-samples:
    (Click for the full size)
    Sample 1 Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 3 Sample 3
  6. Cleaner: All cleaners must be able to redraw. A tablet is not necessary for redrawing. There are endless techniques to redraw quickly even without a tablet. Your job is to remove all foreign texts in the image and redraw the missing parts back in. You may attempt to join and try the position out, there is no test. If you fail, you may ask any active cleaner to teach you in the channel. If that also fails you may have to leave. You must be able to use Photoshop. No other applications are allowed.
  7. Dialogue Typesetter: Typeset all dialogues beautifully. No test, you may join and try the position out. If you fail, you may ask any active typesetter to teach you in the channel. If that also fails, you may have to leave. You must be able to use Photoshop. No other applications are allowed.
  8. SFX Letterer: All SFXs shall be drawn. You have to be able to draw SFXs in the same style as the original manga. In addition, you may have to stylise titles and so forth. There will be a test related to the series you apply. You must be able to use Photoshop. No other applications are allowed.
  9. Final Quality Checker: You have to be adept in all areas mentioned above to check the quality of our releases. There will be a test related to the series you apply.