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Greetings, welcome to the unofficial section of Whatever.

We have been translating so many series unofficially at our HQ before they are translated elsewhere; mainly because our staff want to know the story but the series are in the languages other than their own and we just can't resist spoiling ourselves by translating for each other; we have access to the original raws and the translators--JP, KR, CH: 박쥐사육 (Raising a Bat), 沈升 (Chen Sheng), 아도니스 (Adonis: Reminiscence), MADK, 킬링 스토킹 (Killing Stalking), 달콤한 남자 (Sweet Boy), to name but a few.

At this point, I have decided to open the unofficial translation section of Whatever. Here, we will post our we-don't-give-a-damn, on-a-whim translations of some series. None of these translations have been context-proofread nor edited nor quality-checked by our Editorial Department. Remember, they are the product of our capricious mood to translate. Read at your own risk.

Note that you are not allowed to repost these translations elsewhere.


무협지 악녀인데 내가 제일 쎄!

translated title: I am a martial-arts villainess, but I’m also the strongest!

We started from Chapter 39 which corresponds to Chapter 30 of the manhwa version. There are some details in the novel that are missing in the manhwa. I suppose you have to figure out how to match them by yourselves. haha

We might back-translate the earlier chapters when we reach the final chapter--if we even manage to get that far, slightly doubtful. lol

달콤한 남자

translated title: Sweet Guy

The series is now licenced by TappyToon

For this reason, our translators have decided to stop sharing the translations with the public. My humblest apologies.

(all translations have been removed.)